Cocos Creator v1.1.2 released!

Cocos Creator v1.1.2 released!
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The future is mobile, and we are in the future already. Good thing Im learning JS which means I can use it in Cocos Creator hahaha.

I just wish everything is translated to English from Chinese.


I don’t know. I’d ask the SDKBOX team.


Man, this is was dumb move and I’m guessing you pissed off a lot of developers who are have apps published on Apple Store and Google Play…
I have my game developed on C++ and published since October last year using Cocos2d-x v3.6 and I was happy so far with it, until I decided to improve it’s performance on Android and add some other features. So, I decided to upgrade it to the latest version of Cocosd2-x v3.13(which hasn’t been released yet, but the code is on github) because it adds support for ETC1 with Alpha. After making all the changes to make my game work with the new version I was surprised to see that my scenes created on Cocos Studio didn’t work as expected, sprites not being loaded anymore, etc… I decided to see if there was an update and I found out that Cocos Studio is deprecated supporting up to version Cocos2d-x V3.10 and it may not work with latest versions.
So, I downloaded Cocos Creator to find out that it’s purely JS.
I’m stuck now with a new Cocos2d-x V3.13 with the feature I want and my scenes don’t work anymore.
The only solution I see is to migrate my code to version V3.10 and try to implement myself the ETC1 support for alpha on it.


You could also use Creator just as a scene editor, but unfortunately, you’ll have to write your own parser and loader since right now, there isn’t one in the C++ version, only on LUA as far as I understood.


It made me mad too. Anyway you can use 3.11 - cocos studio still works there. 3.12 breaks everything.

Also, cocos creator will support c++ in the future (nobody knows when), but I’m worried about migrating old scenes. Now in cocos creator you can import cocos studio project and I made few tests on my projects and always got some import errors…

Some questions about using JavaScript (and Cocos Creator) on iOS

I’d like to know the same thing. Can you let me know what they say. @mbgtcx


Are there any support for compressed textures like ETC1(pkm) or PVR?


When the next version comes? thanks


Monday 8/8


nice @slackmoehrle


Nice! I can’t wait. I hope SDKBOX is integrated into this version.


i hope C++ integration.


Does that include C++ support? No worries if it doesn’t, but I’m definitely waiting on moving on from v3.10 until then.


This version will not include c++ support. We have an item on our agenda for Wednesday to discuss it.


I’ll keep an eye out for that then, if it’s public. Thanks!


alas let us rejoice: update to 1.2 is available


It is being released today! Thanks for noticing.




I wasn’t able to find a link to a discussion, do you have a public link to it? I saw in the 1.2 post that the C++ Cocos Creator dream is not yet available, but I’m still curious to see what the discussion was on that Wednesday you mentioned


I don’t follow what you are looking for?