Cocos Creator v1.1.1 released!

Cocos Creator v1.1.1 released!


Cocos2d (iPhone and -x) is (or was?) the best game engine in the world but Cocos Creator, JavaScript, no c++, no support for cocos studio longer, more GUI, less performance,more 3D, I think this is Unity path and I don’t like it.
Cocos is better than Unity for 2D development and not because it’s free.
please add c++ support for Cocos Creator.


Do you have Road Map for C++ integration?


Is there any tutorial? Im reading the documentation but a tutorial would be very helpful.


Yep, this version isn’t working on 10.11.2. I updated my osx to 10.11.5. Now it’s working.


Thanks for the info. I was excited for that :blush: I will wait c++ engine integration.



I dont see there any information about C++ :disappointed_relieved:


then what “C++ engine customization workflow” means ?


Wow, that’s a big update. Great job guys! Thank you for that collider component! It speeds up development A LOT! The Node Library looks good too. Also, I like the Engine Customization Workflow idea: That is something I loved about Cocos2d-x, so it’s more than welcome for me on Cocos Creator.

I’ll be testing this new version this week and tell if I find any bug.


This mean, that you can use customised c++ engine for mobile compilation, but code you should write with JavaScript


See this post, There is a demo project section.


When c++ feature come to Cocos Creator?


Yeah, any news on this?


Got it thanks!!



Great job on the release of Cocos Creator 1.1, I think this Cocos Creator is heading in the right direction, as per my opinion…However, I would like to please request, better documentation in relation to newbies like me who are new to the world of programming…Yes, we have on the site lots of documentation, some are complete, others lead to a dead link like:

I do think, and this is just my humble opinion, that if we could have more tutorials regarding Cocos Creator, it will open the doors to non-programmers. Yes, we have the demo’s ( games ), and the Javascript Primer, but this doesn’t explain to a non - programmer, why we implement this function like this, or the variable, etc…I know that you are working hard on Cocos Creator, among other things, but maybe, have a newbie section within the site, with Cocos Creator tutorials, along with the API, etc…Then once set with the newbie section, announced via Twitter, Facebook, etc… Look we have this user friendly great game engine, that even newbies can use. Just my humble opinion…Thanks again for your hard work and God Bless…





Thanks. I looked at the GitHub repo and indeed, this file is not there. I will see what I can do :slight_smile:


No c++ support and cocos studio is obsolete :frowning:


It works fine for me… But before installing a new version… it’s better to remove the previos version…

I tried the new cocos creator… Here is my bit of feedback

Gravity didn’t seem to impact the preview…

In general, particle editor is not friendly… May be the team can take reference from which I use and is really easy to adapt to…
Can we have some preloaded particle textures already present inside the cocos creator so that it’s easier to create particles. And also we can have pre loaded particles effects. Plz see the link, I gave.
Or else can also be pretty decent option.

    a) Thanks a ton for adding physics body collider editor… Auto tracing can be nice feature in future.
    b) Can we have gravity and physics properties to the scene?
    c) In future, can we have more property editing options like… bounce, friction, etc…
    d) See the tag value on just a bit of scrolling! Isn’t that too high for manual purpose…!

  2. I feel that editor is a bit laggy…(scrolling is also lags when we scroll on the Properties Panel.)

    When we drag the mouse of increasing the value, can we please make like Unity has it…
    (Like if you’re draggging to the right adn you’ve come to the end of right side of window then mouse will automatically start appearing from the left side of the window and your dragging will still continue)

  4. Can we please remove chinese text written inside English version editor…

    Clicking on this texture select highlighted Assets folder only when the first time I clicked it… not afterward. Then I realized that we’ve to drag and drop the texture from assets panel to here…

    BUT THANKS A LOT FOR PREVIEW OPTION in motionStreak and at other places… It’s awesome and much needed

This alpha setting doesn’t seem to work in Motion Streak…Color works though. Or wait, I think that’s just the overlay over streak… so I suppose the alpha works… but How can we have opacity to streak?



You are most welcome… :grinning: God Bless…




Just updated and the KEYBOARD event listener (which was working just this morning before I updated) is not firing anymore. It seems the update broke it. Any idea what might be going on?