Cocos creator slot mechanism in type script

Can anyone help me with slot mechanism in cocos creator in type script , any resource or websites

Thanks in advance .

what you mean of slot mechanism?

If you click on the button all five images should move up and down .

Once go through you tube you will get idea .

maybe this one is what you want:

Ok, following on from this thread:

I now see what you are trying to achieve. There’s a few ways to achieve this. If doing this is 2D. A real simple method is to make it so when you click spin. You show an animation of reels spinning while preparing the three images below to the randomized conditions. Then hide the animation for each real to reveal the correct image underneath.

I made one like this many years ago you can try here:

If you wanted to make something more complex I recommend checking out the below method.

You can check that out in action here, it’s really impressive:

If you want to do this in 3d. I recommend making your reels with your textures on and aligned correctly. I would then console.log(this.node.getRotation().x) for the correct rotation axis of the reel and making note of where the correct alignment is by rotating around manually till the right placement is aligned. I would then rotate the reel adding on an increment to get to the correct alignment. Getting this to be accurate and smooth will be the tricky part. You could also spin the reel randomly and where the increment lands the reel you adjust to align. I made a 3D one many years ago (I no longer have it unfortunately) I think I may have done it with physics by applying force although getting the alignment right was very tricky, I couldn’t get it quite perfect though.

Hopefully this helps.