Cocos Creator RoadMap - UPDATED thru 11/2016

Here is the roadmap for Cocos Creator for the next few months:


  • RichText
  • DragonBones
  • Shared asset library across projects
  • Automatic atlas generation
  • New audio engine
  • Slider, checkbox


  • Package store (plugin sharing)
  • Pageview
  • Modular C++ engine
  • Physics engine
  • animation statemachine

Will you deprecate Cocos Studio?

good roadmap:)
i pleasure to hear integrating with JSB.

BTW, does that roadmap include spidermonkey versionup?
Currently spidermonkey version is little bit old. so, ES6 is not fully support. Android STL supports only gnustl.
I guess it is necessary to verup spidermonkey before integrating with Cocos Creator.

In fact, JSB is already supported in Creator, you can build native project with Cocos2d-x v3.10 or lower version ( v3.10 is recommended ).

In the roadmap, Integrated JSB debug solution means we will provided a debug solution with VSCode debugger for JSB, so that you can debug your JS logic the same way as web build. I believe it’s a great improvement on user experience. You can already try our VSCode debugger with current Cocos2d-JS project, creator project is not yet supported but we are working on it, refer to Use VSCode to debug cocos2d-x JSB programs

About spidermonkey version up, it will be a difficult decision for us, we have so many project rely on the bindings level API: SDKBOX, AnySDK, Cocos Runtime, and many user project. Upgrading spidermonkey means they need to upgrade their bindings code, every time it happens, we got lots of complains. So we became more conservative after v33 upgrade. I personally think we should first have a Abstract Binding Level, then upgrade won’t affect binding level API, but currently we don’t have resources for this task. In conclusion, I think the upgrade won’t happen very soon.

This mean that you are going to release a new version every month?.

Also, in the current beta 0.71 can we develop custom packages? because I’m testing the packages from the following repo and I’m not able to making this work.

In the other thread you also mention that cocos creator will be open sourced? Do you have any estimated date when will be open to the community?


The beta announcement thread talks about version numbers, but not dates. This thread talks about dates, but not version numbers.

Do those monthly releases relate to any particular version numbers? And do you have an estimated date for version 1.0?

Let us have @pandamicro chime in here. He knows dates and versioning.

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A question: The engine that is used internally by the Creator is, what I’m assuming, based on the current version of Cocos2d-html5 (3.10) correct?

Will it “replace” Cocos2d-html5 and be deeply integrated into Cocos Creator or will the updates of the engine also be merged back into Cocos2d-html5?

In other words, is Cocos2d-html5 3.10 “finished”?

I’m asking because quite a few projects (including ours) are deep in development using Cocos2d-html5. It would be nice if promised features like automatic sprite batching would make it into -html5.

We will try to make it happen

The example repo is actually:

The example-packages is the plugin package example, but it won’t work with v0.7, please wait for our v1.0 to try it out

Cocos Creator will be partially open sourced:

There are some close sourced core modules, and I don’t think they would become open source.


No, they have different purposes, to support Entity Component architecture, we have build up a EC level on top of Cocos2d-html5, but we also modified tons of the details in Cocos2d-html5, basically we can’t simply merge from one to another. Most changes we made in Creator won’t and can not be merged back, but we have some common feature plan for them, like auto batching, better resource management.

In conclusion, Creator web engine and Cocos2d-html5 are already taken different paths, we will try our best to do things cleverly and cleanly, so that both side can take benefit from the improvements on base modules. But I also admit our priority is switched to Creator, and new features built on EC architecture aren’t like to be merged into Cocos2d-html5.

Does the cocos creator use webgl only or does it fallback to canvas when webgl is not available?

It does fallback to canvas when webgl is not available

Can you please tell what this one exactly is?

Also, Just curious to know whether the ultimate aim of this Cocos Creator to build something like Unity(if so, highly impressed as after that none can really beat cocos, if not then nevermind, haha) or something like Cocos Studio?

Why are you waiting until v1.0 to open source this component?

Wait, so will it work with c++?

How does it even matters? There can be several internal things like code refactoring. Also, they have acquired fireball for this tool, so they might like to change code which is related to that because it’s now cocos creator and not fireball!!

It just seem to be the right moment, or maybe there is no one pushing us ? :smile: Anyway, don’t worry, it will come this month

I do believe we have big ambitions for Cocos Creator

For native platform, we build a standard Cocos2d-JS project, so you can do whatever you want in the C++ level in it.

It matters to me, which is why I asked it.

Since you actually had nothing constructive to say, you should’ve just let @pandamicro answer me instead of being in such a hurry to speak up.

I was hoping to build on it for my own project, but I’ll have to use SpriteBuilder instead.

Ya Ok… Never mind…

I think going with spritebuilder would be better as it also includes physics editor inbuilt! What you think?

@pandamicro Do cocos creator have aims for including physics things!
I mean, can u please explain what’s Collider components and related events and callbacks in the roadmap?