Cocos Creator RoadMap - Trello

Cocos Creator RoadMap - Trello
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The Cocos Creator roadmap is being maintained here:



Hi @slackmoehrle

So, please correct me if I’m wrong, from this info, regarding the implementation of the physics engine into Cocos Creator, a timeline of 6 months, this is under the suggestion column along with the others on that particular column?

So from this card suggestion, which was posted on Nov 6: at 9:31 PM

Therefore, the physics engine could be implemented within a timeframe of 6 months - which leads to May 2017? And please correct me if I’m wrong…Thanks and God Bless…




Not much, only half year!

Thanks cocs creator team. You did lie to your users…


I can’t say for sure, I didn’t make this. Let me ask the engineering team for clarification.


now, now, let’s not go tossing out unfounded accusations. I don’t think anyone lied. If anything we have obstacles in the way of implementation. Let me ask the engineering team to clarify the timeline.


hi there

Can someone tell me what “[Tilemap] image layer support”-card under “suggestions (in 6 months)” means?

Is this is about adding an animated sprite to a tilemap layer?

thanks in advance



We use trello for roadmap is to deal with changes in plan.

The roadmap will be updated every month and we’ll move tasks that’s assigned and planned forwad.

So the time estimate is only for reference, it could happen sooner than 6 month.

Image layer is a special type of layer in Tiled Map Editor:


Hi @nantas2

Thanks for the clarification…really appreciated it…God Bless…




Hello Everyone,

First of all this is my first day using Cocos Creator and in the forums so possibly this has been discussed already but i couldn’t find it.

in the trello board it says [Lua] component system, does that means lua will be a first class citizen and could be used instead of javascript completely?



I’m not building anything cocos creator of now… But from cocos2d-x, I can tell that, yes, Lua can work independent of JS… And also, if creator supports binding C++ with JS then so should C++ binding would work with Lua. You just need to wait if they’ve not added Lua support in creator yet. :slight_smile:


thats my thought i just wanted confirmation because my team’s skills are far stronger in lua


Where should we suggest feature to be included?


Hello. When will be Cocos Creator for Linux?
It’s very hard to work in Windows)


As far as I know, dont expect a Linux version.


As of now there are no plans for Linux, that I know of.


Thanks you! But, it is sad((

I have one more question. Will it be possible to play mp4 video with alpha transparency in VideoPlayer?

Or will it be possible to play flv, swf video with alpha transparency?


Out of curiosity, that would be a potentially really cool feature to add … so I wonder that myself now, though about cocos2dx ‘core’, rather than cocos creator itself.


Noticed a while ago that the roadmap has been removed. Is there any new roadmap or where can I see what is possibly coming in future releases? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry, we hide the roadmap because it’s out of date. We don’t have any new roadmap at this moment. We will publish a new roadmap after we adjusted human resources.