Cocos Creator RoadMap - Trello (OLD before 2019)

Cocos Creator RoadMap - Trello (OLD before 2019)

I’m not building anything cocos creator of now… But from cocos2d-x, I can tell that, yes, Lua can work independent of JS… And also, if creator supports binding C++ with JS then so should C++ binding would work with Lua. You just need to wait if they’ve not added Lua support in creator yet. :slight_smile:


thats my thought i just wanted confirmation because my team’s skills are far stronger in lua


Where should we suggest feature to be included?


Hello. When will be Cocos Creator for Linux?
It’s very hard to work in Windows)


As far as I know, dont expect a Linux version.


As of now there are no plans for Linux, that I know of.


Thanks you! But, it is sad((

I have one more question. Will it be possible to play mp4 video with alpha transparency in VideoPlayer?

Or will it be possible to play flv, swf video with alpha transparency?


Out of curiosity, that would be a potentially really cool feature to add … so I wonder that myself now, though about cocos2dx ‘core’, rather than cocos creator itself.


Noticed a while ago that the roadmap has been removed. Is there any new roadmap or where can I see what is possibly coming in future releases? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry, we hide the roadmap because it’s out of date. We don’t have any new roadmap at this moment. We will publish a new roadmap after we adjusted human resources.

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Thank you @jare for the response! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:



Do you have any news about new RoadMap?


Is there any roadmap currently for 2019? I’m very curious to see where things are going with CC. It doesn’t matter if it is only a Chinese roadmap, anything would be very nice to see. If not, is there a reason why it isn’t public?


@Ronsku I’ll get the 2019 roadmap and post it. Thanks for asking.




Hi @slackmoehrle did you post the roadmap somewhere? Maybe I missed it.


@Ronsku Nope, I have it. I just need to get it formatted. Stay tuned.

Edit: it will be here, just translating:


Slackmoehrle, I am also excited to see the 2019 roadmap!!!


Why it says that I do not have permission to open it!!!


Try again. I was still editing that post.