Cocos Creator Roadmap 2019 and beyond

We should ask @jare for the under the hood details.

would it be possible to fix some minor nuisances in 2.0.10:

  • “assets” window doesn’t save the state of the tree (it used to do so in 2.0.6); maybe add a setting to “memory last state” like the node tree has?
  • is it possible to use alphabetic sorting when displaying the components - through Add Component - afaik it used to work in 2.0.6? now it uses a random sorting and when you have some tens of components it’s awkard to find the one you need. maybe add another setting for how to sort the components, for instance, alphabetically, by date, by the last used, etc?


@jare can review your issues and tell us what is still possible to fix.

So… The official material system will not be available on v2.2.0? :frowning:

It looks like the roadmap says 2.3. (which technically is already under development. Our engineering teams develop versions in parallel.

Good day. Tell me when to wait 2.2?

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Up! Up! Up! Waiting for the answer

Waiting for what?

2.2 release date

Beginning of September.

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August 2019: Cocos Creator 2019 Roadmap (updated August 2019)

Latest version: Cocos Creator 2021 and beyond!!