Cocos Creator Roadmap 2019 and beyond

Note: Please see the latest roadmaps in the comments of this thread

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Thank you @slackmoehrle :partying_face:

any dates estimation?


Any update for this progress, I am waiting for 3D features of v2.1.1?

I will ask the team for an update on dates. Stay tuned.

2.1.1 will be around May 1


We need one more thing -> More tutorials and more documentation

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We are working on building out new content for future releases. Videos, docs, tutorials, etc. Thank you for reaching out.

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I am really happy with CC 2.11 mostly because of the 3D support. Inside the roadmap I can´t figure out, if there will be any updates specific to the 3D stuff. What i like to know is:

  • will there be “soft shadows” ? (currently there are only hard-shadows, i mean)
  • will there be a shader-editor or can you use an other tool, for generating PBR materials ?
  • is it threeJS compatible, or does it use its own 3D engine ?

Thats it for now. I hope anyone knows more about this. Thanks …


  1. not supported currently

  2. not supported currently

  3. we use our own 3D engine.

Thx…yep got it. But if i know there will be plans in a future update to integrate such stuff, i would wait and use only the CC engine for 2D and 3D. Otherwise i need sometimes 3D functionality. Anyways, sounds like it isn´t clear / save that such stuff is on the CC agenda / roadmap. Hope is all i have

Hi friends!

What is the planned release date for v2.1.2 ?
I’m planning to make a small app with 3d physics.

V2.1.2 is Probably 7-9 days from today. Estimated.


With Cocos Creator supporting 3D in the very near future. Will there be support for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Here is the roadmap for v2.2.0 and v2.3.0.



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Clearly an wonderfully robust Cocos Creator is foreseeable.

I did want to ask, for the benefit of myself and many others. Should we may as well end anticipating complete c++ support in the creator? Is being able to use c++ in cocos2d-x just like how javascript is used, simply not possible any time soon?

This is an awkward area right now. We have a large community where c++ is used as well as JavaScript. I think what you can expect is JavaScript developers should use Creator. C++ developers can use the c++ plugin to export from Creator (i.e use for scene layout) but no complete c++ environment at this time. I don’t feel we have the resources to implement c++ fully at this time. I don’t see that changing soon either.

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When are we going to see a build system from the GUI? Some of us have grown used to modern CI/CD pipelines for development, and regardless of cocos-creator being itself available as either a linux native or docker image, being able to build my cocos creator games using runners is a requirement.

@ChrisBecke I’m not sure that there are plans yet to do this.

@jare did mention to me that they are planning a way to build Creator apps from a command-line with no GUI involved. Currently you do still need the GUI even if you build from a command-line.

We don’t have plans to release a Linux version or a Docker image. There are a few unofficial Docker solutions though. Please see this thread and this thread and there are a few more if you search these forums.

I’m trying to figure out from the build log if the build process does something special, or if I can just invoke browserify + whatever myself. The sprite atlas stuff makes me thing theres special stuff going on though…