Cocos Creator Roadmap 2019 and beyond

Cocos Creator Roadmap 2019 and beyond

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Cocos Creator RoadMap - Trello (OLD before 2019)

Thank you @slackmoehrle :partying_face:


any dates estimation?


Any update for this progress, I am waiting for 3D features of v2.1.1?


I will ask the team for an update on dates. Stay tuned.


2.1.1 will be around May 1


We need one more thing -> More tutorials and more documentation


We are working on building out new content for future releases. Videos, docs, tutorials, etc. Thank you for reaching out.

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I am really happy with CC 2.11 mostly because of the 3D support. Inside the roadmap I can´t figure out, if there will be any updates specific to the 3D stuff. What i like to know is:

  • will there be “soft shadows” ? (currently there are only hard-shadows, i mean)
  • will there be a shader-editor or can you use an other tool, for generating PBR materials ?
  • is it threeJS compatible, or does it use its own 3D engine ?

Thats it for now. I hope anyone knows more about this. Thanks …



  1. not supported currently

  2. not supported currently

  3. we use our own 3D engine.


Thx…yep got it. But if i know there will be plans in a future update to integrate such stuff, i would wait and use only the CC engine for 2D and 3D. Otherwise i need sometimes 3D functionality. Anyways, sounds like it isn´t clear / save that such stuff is on the CC agenda / roadmap. Hope is all i have