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Cocos Creator Resources
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This page does not exist… see highlighted text:


The highlighted link goes to the same page the link immediately above it goes toooo…


I will check out the links that you mention and fix them.

You can deploy to a browser and iOS and Android.

You can ask any questions here and if I cannot answer them I will ask the engineering team for assistance.


Is this truly native, or a wrapped HTML/Web app?


You can build a truly native app with Cocos Creator, yes. The conversion from JS to C++ is done by JSB (


Thank you @bruno1308. After reading down through as much of that link as I could… my eyes glazed over, my brain (such as it is) headed for shadows and consciousness slipped away.

What’s required (when using Cocos Creator and Javascript) to ensure a C++/Native compilation can be made for iOS?

Do I need to limit what I’m doing/using in terms of the API, or use JavaScript in a special way, or otherwise make considerations? Or can I simply use Cocos Creator and JavaScript as I please and it all “just works™”

Or Android…

But, truth be told, I don’t care about Android. :wink:


So it turns out that this “importing assets” problem only occurs when I open a project type in Cocos Creator other than an “Examples” project. Not sure why, especially when an Empty Project or Hello World would not need to import hardly any assets.