Cocos creator project safari issues

Cocos creator project safari issues

@StudioAMK, @slackmoehrle, @smitpatel88

Cocos Creator Project not wokring on safari.

I’d say we need more details than just this.

What Creator version? What OS? What Safari version? Are you seeing an error message?


What Creator version? cocos Creator 2.1.1
What OS? windows 10
What Safari version? safari 5.1.7
Are you seeing an error message? yes
TypeError: Type error app/engine/bin/cocos2d-js-for-preview.js:9085
ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: performance cocos2d-js-for-preview.js:9058

Thanks, does anything show up in Safari? Let’s ask @jare for some advice with this error.

@slackmoehrle, @jare

No nothing showed up

Yes, you were right.
Cocos didn’t run well on Safari for Windows.
Just tested.

However, it should be ok on actual Apple devices.
Just tested on an iPhone and a MacBook.

Edit: BTW, I’m not from official Cocos team. I’m just a Cocos Lover like you guys! :slight_smile:

I think this is because the browser does not support CocosCreator’s WebGL syntax.

@StudioAMK, @jare, @zzf520

It’s working on mac safari but it’s not working on iPhone safari.

What is the ios system used? my test on ios13 is normal.