Cocos creator physics failure

Hello Everyone!

I’ve created one hyper-casual 3d game using cocos creator.

Platform: html5-web

Game is running smoothly till 9-10 mins, after that i’m getting one error in physics-min js file, it is something related to collision events but i’m not getting what exactly the error is…

here is stack-trace of the issue:
Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 10.18.33

  1. physics-min.js (line-3241)

  2. physics-min.js (line-9653)

  3. physics-min.js (line-567)

  4. physics-min.js (line-2323)

Also one more thing i observed in this issue is: sometime at step 2 (in above screens) first argument is not null, but when it is calling the last function (where it is crashing i.e this.triggerMatrix.set) that time first argument is captured as undefined, so i’m getting _id of undefined here.

Please help,

Thank you for reading.

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What cocos creator version you are using?

using: 2.4.0

also tried with 2.4.2 in both I got this issue…

Could you provide a test project? It cased by a null shape object, but I can’t reproduce this.

can’t we add check here ? if shapeA and shapeB objects are there

Yes, I think it is way to work around.

Can you tell me in which file i can update this ? Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

You can refer to this document.