Cocos Creator Particle System BUG

Cocos Creator Particle System BUG
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Firstly I do not really know how to submit a bug here on the forums, so i will just tag a few people to make sure that someone knows about it :slight_smile:

The problem is with particle system scaling when running on browser, however when running in the Simulator - everything behaves fine. An example of the problem can be seen here: Particle system question

Also I have attached a test project here: (173.6 KB)

So to reproduce, simple run the attached project and try it in the simulator - press a few of the buttons and witness that scaling of canvas (including particle effect) behaves as expected… then run the same project in the browser and witness that the particles does not scale as expected!

Hope this can be fixed asap!

FYI: Found the bug in 1.3 but it is also present in 1.5 beta 4.1 and beta 5.1.

Best regards

Cocos Creator v1.5.0 Release!

Hi man, the bug has been fixed and the next version will be resolved


Particle system question

awesome! thanks looking forward to it, then i can throw my own ugly “hack” out the window finally :smiley: