Cocos Creator or Cocos2d-x

Cocos Creator or Cocos2d-x
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Good morning,
In the company we decided to start the development of a game multiplayer strategy/RPG.
What is the best development solution? cocos2d-x or cocos creator?


I’d say cocos2d-x


Do you say that because the graphic performance are better or for other reasons?


Nice question, why choose cocos2d-x?


I choose cocos2d-x too.
First it is open source. creator is closed source and if there is a bug in engine you can’t fix it yourself and creator is not mature as cocos2d-x.
Second you can program code that runs faster in cocos2d-x with c++ than creator.
creator is a designer friendly solution and some people like it but not me.
happy coding!!!


what do you mean?


I think a lot depends on the skills of the team.

If the team is mostly comprised of Visual Designers, perhaps with a background with tools like Flash or Unity, then Cocos Creator gives you a powerful Visual Designer and its component entity model is awesome in that it allows the developers to make component scripts that the designers can easily attach to nodes to add behaviours.

If on the other hand you have a team of software engineers who are going to want to create a top down design for the game using MVC or some terminology like that then Cocos2d-x is probably what you want: Cocos2d-x is going to give you full access to all the source allowing you to develop custom nodes, and do OS level things. However, with the export option in Creator 1.6.2, you will probably want to keep Creator as part of your content pipeline as your designers can make scenes and other assets that can be directly imported by your code project.

The Cocos Creator editor is, as said above - closed source, but your project - the project it edits, is based on OSS libraries available on github with the caveat that the cocos2d-x used by Creator is not the standard version but has been refactored to support Creators component / entity model, and the cocos2d-js version used is likewise a ‘lite’ version that does not support all the features of the standalone cocos2d-js download (stencil masks etc).


Our team consists of 4 Visual Designer and 3 software developers.
No one has experience on cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator.
Our doubt is with what product can you get the best result?


Cocos Creator is a good tool. It gets better with each release. We have significant resources dedicated to its development and we plan on continuing like this. Creator uses JavaScript under the hood. If that is OK with you use Creator from the start. If you want C++, you can still use Creator to do your visual elements and then have Creator create C++ code for you. You can then use your favorite IDE or text editor to develop,

Creator is designed for developers and artists to collaborate together on projects.


we do not have preferences between c++ and javascript, we believe cocos creator allows a faster development than cocos2d-x…is correct? But with Cocos Creator you can get the same result as cocos2d-x in terms of performance?

Sorry for the many questions, but it’s important to choose the right development software…


My vote is for cocos2d-x + something like Cocos Studio (that is very unfortunately abandonned by cocos2d devs) as a visual scene editor! Creator is buggy and not mature enought. Creator is not open source. So, you can’t fix bugs or make minor tweaks in Creator.


I’m using creator because development in cc is very fast and very easy, also one of biggest feature of cc is that you can create your own extensions.


I though Cocos2D-x was being deprecated in favour of Cocos Creator?


Absolutely not. Cocos2d-x (a modified version) is the foundation of Cocos Creator.


From the various responses, it would seem that Cocos2 Creator or Cocos2d-x can achieve the same result.
The difference is only in working mode?


Oh, hm… I read that Cocos Studio was being deprecated but I might have misunderstood it’s connection with Cocos2D-x. I haven’t used anything Cocos until Creator came along.


Cocos Studio is deprecated.

Cocos GUI is deprecated.

Cocos2d-x is alive and kicking.

Cocos Creator is also doing well.


Thanks a bunch for clarifying that.


I think that, from what you’ve said, your designers could create the basics in Creator, then generate the C++ code which your developers can then develop against.

I haven’t used Creator, but I do know that I spend a lot of time tweaking things in my Cocos2d-x code to adjust layouts, positioning etc. which would be far easier in something like Creator.


cocos creator and cocos2d-x can work together?