Cocos Creator on 4K displays

Cocos Creator on 4K displays
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I am not sure where to report bugs. We have encountered a few issues with Cocos Creator when used on a 4K display and both are close to show stoppers:

  • We are unable to change node parenting in the Node Tree as the editor does not correctly detect the location of the final drop event.
  • Items dropped onto the Scene layout likewise are placed in some offscreen location rather than where the mouse was released.
  • When launched in the default browser, the Canvas renderer creates way too large such that most of the game is unavailable off screen. This might be a chrome bug.


Is this on Windows? Because it’s working fine on MacOS…


Yes. Windows 10. With 3 Dell monitors the center of which is a 4K display.


A lot of apps have problems when using multiple monitors of different dpi. Microsoft suggests using only one type of dpi. I know because I had my 4k connected to my windows machine until i gave up and moved it to my mac instead.

I had the same setup, center 4k and two low dpi monitors on the sides. I had nothing but problems with that setup.

Try temporarily removing the two lower dpi monitors and see if it works.