Cocos Creator IOS/Android Minimum Requirements

Cocos Creator IOS/Android Minimum Requirements

What ios and android version does cocos creator supports? Also what ios devices?

I have tested the game on iPad 2 and iPad mini with ios 9.3, and the texture packer sprite sheet is not correct… That I need to fix as it’s game for the client. And I have also finished my game that I want to ship but also I shaders don’t work on older ios version…

Can someone please tell me what are the minimum requirements for ios and android for games to work properly?

Thanks in advance

I think we run on most any device these days. Our team definitely tests on a lot of devices. Can you post any pictures for the engineering team to see?

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Here’s the screenshoot:

iPad Air2 ios 9.3

iPad 2 ios 9.3

It looks like the spritesheet texture is changed, don’t know why. Maybe some of the development stuff can help me out how to solve this.

Can anyone help? @slackmoehrle @jare

Thanks in advance.

Let us also tag in @AndreasLoew to see if he has thoughts or specific questions.

I assume that you are using 2 different sprite sheets files: One for HD and one for SD.
You should have 2 plist files and 2 sprite sheets.

I’d assume that this somehow got mixed up. You are using the wrong plist or the right plist with the wrong sheet… or one of the files is outdated and is used with newer data or sheet…

But I can’t tell you which one is the case…

I use 1 texture atlas for game. I set whole atlas in the game as sprite, and it looks like the whole atlas changed pixel data, it looks like part of atlas was slapped with part of texture and it uses that corrupted texture. So it looks like the sprites used correct sprite frames but the actual sprite sheet texture was changed when loaded. I don’t get it…

How big is your sprite sheet?

2048x2048 pixels, I even reduced it to 1024x1024 pixels and the problem is still the same.

Run a clean build and remove the app from the device.

For me it still looks like the .plist and the .png or in what ever format you are using your sprite sheets don’t match.