Cocos creator Games list?

Cocos creator Games list?
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can someone provide the list of free games developed successfully only in cocos creator and are published on playstore or on web.


@avingamebot is a game bot for Telegram app, all games has been created with cocos creator.
currently it has 19 games and also 10 more games under development.


can you please provide the download links of these games,
all the @avingamebolt seems to be in arabic like language not getting at all.
And can you please mention some other games also means games from diffrent teams.


This bot is Persian not Arabic, all game bots have inline query ability so you can access games just by typing @avingame in any chat you want , no need to work with bot!!!


I developed a game using Cocos Creator only.
Check it out:

It has links to the published play store and app store.


Jewels Collapse was my first Creator game test. It took me around 100h to build, integrate SDK and publish on iOS/Android. The actual game development was around 60h, but I had to learn a lot about Creator. Game mechanics are quite simple, same as UI. An experienced Creator developer should be able to build it again in 1-2 days. Most of the work came from integrating SDK (my first try with SDK Box) and Game Center/Chartboost integration. I had issues integrating Google Play leaderboards and still do not work on Android. But as I said, its a test project. It still has some bugs.

Already working on my next game :slight_smile: