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Cocos Creator Future
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First, I would like to thank all the Cocos Creator Developers for a good job they are doing with Cocos Creator engine. However, I would like to please ask founder @walzer and other Cocos Creator developers in at least giving us community / developers, with feedback concerning the future of Cocos Creator, and if it will remain a viable option for developing games in the future. The reason I would like to ask this, is that I would like to work on documentation concerning Cocos Creator, and really don’t want to waste my time in creating such product, if Cocos Creator would not be around in the near future, especially with the below topic:

I understand it’s only a survey, but a survey can really give developers a voice in their concerns, regarding the future viability of a product, Cocos Creator. Moreover, if a survey is done, will their be action / communication in order to improve the services / products for such product? Also, does the Cocos Creator team, have any metrics on how many people are using Cocos Creator, that they would like to share with the community?

It’s completely understandable that the main market is Asia for Chuckong, but the English and Spanish market is also available, and this is why the question? I would like to create documentation products, to help English / Spanish market, but would like if possible, an answer not just to me, but to all the developers in this community, that have put a lot of effort , time in using Cocos Creator engine. Thank you for your time and God Bless…




Hi @luke2125

Very good question!

And if you do not mind I would like to add another question - will there be cocos2d-x 4.0.
I remember someone saying that it probably will not.
Sorry if this is offtopic.

By the way, what do you mean by documentation products? A paid course?


@luke2125 you have my support bro! +1


@luke2125 Am glad you decided to step in and help out in documentation, because one thing that we all here agree that cocos creator suffers from is lack of proper extensive tutorial and best practices


I have something similar to documentation, …
I’m trying to gather what I know in one place, to help and learn a little more too …

For whoever wants to see …

If you want to exchange ideas, just send a message.


Hi @brightInverse

Of course I don’t mind…:grinning: Well, my vision is to have a 1 stop site for all tutorials, code, etc… and free…Only if people would like to fund me / donate, so I can keep on adding resources to the site…:grinning: My goal is to ease the pain of any newbie into starting with Cocos Creator.…But I still need confirmation from @walzer, in the direction of Cocos Creator, cause really can’t do all the work, and just waste my time, and the end of the day, Cocos Creator ends up like Cocos Studio, which I really hope it doesn’t, cause it’s a very good tool…God Bless…




Hi @jrosich

Thanks…really appreciated it…:grinning: God Bless…




Hi @shishir451

Thanks…I will do my best in creating this project for the community, and it will target English and Spanish speakers…God Bless…




Hi @Celsomf

Wow, you have lots of video tutorials there for Cocos Creator. With your permission, I would like to include your videos within the site, and if you would like, you can provide me a banner ( back link to your youtube site).? Wow, this is a good start…:grinning: God Bless…




It is cool. Is this site supposed only for the Creator?

I am just not sure if it will bring any money, because

  • the size of the community is not large,
  • and people usually prefer not to pay for things that they can get for free.

It may be a good alternative if the majority of tutorials will be free, but some advanced tutorials will cost 1-5 dollars. At least this is how I would have done it if I had enough time and motivation.
jusc my 2c.

@nite @nantas @zhangxm
Could you ask @walzer to look at this topic please?
There are no trolls here (for now), only people interested in the future of Creator (and engine).


Of course, give me your email, which I can send … you too, when you have yours you can send me what I put on my website.

The link on my site is:

In this site, you can become an author, and post, if you want to contribute, feel free. =)



Which topic? This ticket or the site:


I meant this topic, but it seems that we have already received the answer to the question and even more.
Thank you anyway!


Hi @brightInverse

The site / content / tutorials will be free for everyone, I will just have a fund me / donations button where people, if they would like to donate can donate to my work, so I can keep on adding / improving the site with tutorials…God Bless…




Hi @Celsomf

Thanks, will keep you posted it…Will start working on the site very soon, and hopefully, if God permits have it up before October 2017……Will be focusing on text tutorials, then afterwards, will expand to videos…I was planning on using PHPMyFaq, but I found it to be too complex per my taste and users, and will use a Wiki instead, more simpler, and clean…God Bless…




It was just a suggestion. :slight_smile:
I respect your desire to make it free for everyone.


Hi @brightInverse

Yes, I know :grinning: But I would rather do it for free to help out those in need…I’m a firm believer in helping out as much as I can, and blessing others…Others call it karma? :smiley: God Bless…




This is a site where I put my studies and what I am learning in order to help the Brazilian people with the engine.


I think free basic tutorial and payed advanced tutorials is a good idea.