Cocos creator fullscreen project

Cocos creator fullscreen project
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How to make full screen project in cocos creator 1.0.2
Any help would be highly appreciated.


I have the same question. Currently my mobile web app doesn’t use fullscreen mode(Tested in Safari on iOS using) and I don’t know how to activate it cleanly. Does anyone know how to configure my mobile app to use fullscreen mode ? (Using Cocos Creator)


Hello, guys, did you achieve any results?

One way I tried is to pin my game website to home screen on iOS
Your game’ll run in a fullscreen if you start it from “pinned mode”.
I also faced a problem: fullscreen game run much slower, than it’s not-fullscreen version.
What about you?



Hi @Nightmare_82, @shashankA

Maybe the below can help:

God Bless…