Cocos Creator - Device rotating causes weird scale

Cocos Creator - Device rotating causes weird scale
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Good evening,
I’m having an issue with my web-mobile application.
Every time the device rotates or goes to the background, when it goes back to the original orientation, everythings looks scaled up, the score label even disappear from the screen.
I noticed something from the logs, the cc.winSize goes from {width: 1000.0, height: 1334} to {width: 750, height: 1000} in the process of rotating and then rotating back.

Here’s what it looks like before I rotate the device:

After I rotate and then go back the the original orientation:

I’m currently using Fit Height option for my Canvas, and some of my elements are using the Widget component to adjust accordingly to the different sizes of screens

I would appreciate any kind of help!


Do you use Widgets? If so you should disable Align Once.