Cocos Creator Development In 3D - Official Announcement

If you haven’t heard already, we are taking Cocos Creator to 3D!!! Not only will you be able to make 2D games, but soon we’ll be able to take you and your gamers into the next dimension!

Read up on all the news from our official blog!

Break Out Of 2D Development With Our Upcoming Cocos Creator 3D Update!

If you are interested in being part of our beta program, share your comments here.


I will be happy to be in your beta program team!

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@maximgavrilov thanks we will reach out soon.

Yes ! Really great to hear, that the dev-team is focusing improving the “3D abilities” of CC !
What i like the most out of the blog-post future features, are:

  • new light-system (hopefully with “soft-shadows”)
  • PBR Materials !

I think, if CC get mature 3D capabilities, i can finally say: goodbye to “Unity” ! :grinning:
As i mentioned before, in one of my posts, i recognize that my 2D-prototype game runs much smoother when using 3D in terms of coding and elements (billboards) instead of using the 2D system for it. So i would like to test more and i would like to investigate all the new features inside CC within the development.

Amen to that! We aim to please with each and every release. Our team works very hard to make Cocos Creator an amazing game development experience. We try to do this carefully and methodically.

Great. Just great ! So glad to hear that you taking very much care of right choices, good development & listening to users. What else do i need … just Cocos Creator :sunglasses:

Great to hear! Will the APIs be available in Cocos2d-x C++?

I’m assuming not right away. I haven’t heard about this and I know v4 is trucking along as are more 3D work from a different team. I’m happy to talk to the teams and see what the long term plan is.