Cocos Creator Debugging

Cocos Creator Debugging
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i want to know how should debug codes when we developing a game using cocos creator?


Hi khatarat,

from cocos creator 1.4 beta on you can debug in Visual Studio Code:




another question about cocos creator is that how its possible to using cocos creator for developing and writing codes in c++? is it possible?


not now, perhaps in the future, cocos creator uses JavaScript.


The link mentioned here in this comment is broken (v1.4.0-beta.9 Mac v1.4.0-beta.9 Win v1.4.0-beta.9 Documentation)

I’d like to debug my Creator 1.5.1 web app from macOS using an IDE (instead of from browser debuggers.) What is the IDE to do this from? And, where are the most up to date instructions on how to setup debugging?


I debug with MS Visual Studio Code on Windows since Cocos Creator 1.4. I suppose on mac it works similar.