Cocos creator Coding Setup for vs code new macmini m1

hello every one,

hope you all are doing well.
i did not get any suggestion and intelligence in my vs code for cocos creator. i tried for both js and ts. so please please help me how i can resolve this.

I can ask engineering. Do you have a demo? What version of Creator?

yes i tried for both version 3.3.1 and 2.4.6. but i did not get any suggestion… i am using macmini with m1 chip.

For 2.x, you can refer to the documentation to do the following:
3.x check the following files: tsconfig.json
Check that this file in your project can eventually be located in cc.d.ts.

hi @Koei thank you for your response. but i tried all the steps which is in “Coding Environment Setup · Cocos Creator” but still i did not get proper suggestion… and i am talking about javascript- cocos version 2.4.6. thank you…

Delete this file and try( tsconfig.json):
Before deleting:

After deleting:

Is this what you want?

@Koei sure… i will try this… and update you same… sorry i am busy with some other projects.