Cocos Creator and SDKBox Games on Facebook

Cocos Creator and SDKBox Games on Facebook

Hello Guys and Girls,

I’m new with Cocos Creator, I think it is really cool. It took me a couple of days to understand the basics, but later on it was amazing, time flies with this thing!
I love how to particle system works and how you can integrate that with animations.
Anyway, I was able to integrate Admob with SDKBox for Android and it works fine.
My question is the following: I’ve downloaded SDKBox Facebook Plugin and now I would like to publish my game in the Facebook Platform like ‘Games on Facebook’ for Desktop and Mobile version, also for Android.
Can I use the SDKBox for web? If that is possible , how? I couldn’t find a tutorial for it, just this example:
But in the code it seems like there is no AppID initiation for JS or for Web, is that possible?

Sorry too many questions!

NO, you cant. SDKBox is only for iOS & Android.




Thanks a lot for your reply!

In that case, how can I develop for web and android at the same time?

I have downloaded Facebook sdk for js and added a condition like :

//Facebook sdk code here
//Sdkbox code here:

Is that a good practice ?

Or is it better to code two versions of the game? One for Facebook and the other one for Android?

Thanks in advance!

I think it’s better to code in a game, you can wrapper facebook js sdk as sdkbox’s api.