Cocos Creator and git tracking

Cocos Creator and git tracking
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I’m using Creator 1.7.0+the luacpp plugin. My problem was that when I git reset --hard everything, even after shutting Creator down, Creator still remembered the scenes and files that should have been erased when I wiped it all, and threw an error about missing files.

So what I’m asking is what are all the folders and files that need to be tracked in order to revert and/or use VCS correctly with it. I started the project out in CreatorProject/ and then always git add CreatorProject/ -f to make sure all the files I was aware of is tracked.

How can I make sure to use git with Creator so I can be sure to cleanly track all changes made between commits?


I normally use ‘git reset --hard origin/master’ and it works as expected. The root of my project is the folder CC created. Aka the one with the


Hmm, at least that’s good news because there must have been something I did along the way that I misremembered. Thanks!


Yeah, the only thing you need to do is close CC before executing the command. But you said you already did that so not exactly sure what is going on there.


That seems to be the key, shutting Creator down before resetting changes. I worded it poorly, what I was doing was git reset’ing, then shutting down (since it didn’t appear to autosave), then reopening.

Having you tell me to make sure it was shut down first seems to be the thing that fixes it. I am now able to revert back and forth between commits.

I appreciate you taking the time to reiterate and really spell it out for me, thanks phero_constructs!