Cocos Creator 404 documentation

Cocos Creator 404 documentation
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Thank you! Could you then tell me what our Chinese friends will decide? Via pm if you want.


Hi, I think this 404 issue gets bigger, at least on my end. Now I can’t even open this
and clicking any API in the API page ( leads to 404 as well.

This was okay since like a few hours ago before this post.

On that matter, is there any offline doc to use?


It works for me, both the links you posted. From Xiamen and over VPN from a U.S Server.


Then most probably trouble on my end or region. I’ll check again until the next day to confirm. Thanks for the response.


That links work here in Thailand.


It was just me, it works fine now. Forgot to mention; tested from Indonesia.


I understand, but how can you develop a product “without” hearing your customers? Without working “with” them? Or maybe the just know is is best for us? We are no the enemy, we are loyal early adopters here to support and help the team to create a much better tool. Let us help, please.


I hear you. However, for example, I ask poll after poll and I get 40 responses. Hardly enough to make a decision that encompasses everyones wants…


Stopped reading right there -

It’s a shame as it could have been a worth while read that post.


This is sincere. Please don’t try to tell me what I mean by quoting Wikipedia. I am a human being.

Wikipedia says: _ “I’m sorry that you feel that way” to someone who has been offended by a statement. _

You made the first statement of: But then again cocos is run by amateurs, every couple of months whole products disappears, new ones with 0 compatibility with the old ones are releases and promoted. This just follows the existing pattern. you were not offended, I was, you are citing wikipedia wrong!

I participated in a live stream tonight where I I thanked our users and told them that without their support all of us on the Cocos teams would not have jobs. It is our responsibility to be here for our users every step of the way. (paraphrasing, of course). This isn’t hollow.


Posting from Japan here. The API references URLs are suddenly showing 404 today.


please see this: Documentation is missing on the main page?


Yup, it’s back up now, with a revamped new look no less! Thanks!