Cocos Creator 404 documentation

Cocos Creator 404 documentation
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The Cocos Creator documentation pages are missing.

404 Not Found

Thank you for your assistance,



Thank you for the swift reply.


It should work now. I may need to make some nginx rules.


This doesn’t fix the google links though. But then again cocos is run by amateurs, every couple of months whole products disappears, new ones with 0 compatibility with the old ones are releases and promoted. This just follows the existing pattern.

Time to jump ship and use a product that it’s either run by a professional company or truly open source. As things are with cocos is a huge liability that invariably will explode in developers face over and over again.


what are you talking about?

Can you show me some links that don’t work so I can modify nginx rules? I tried to take into account all the old versions of docs that we had to not break anything during this consolidation.


Something like these ones

I think everything that follows with this URL:

I thought I’m the only one who has this issue, but I already found another alternative which is , so I never asked.


Thanks for catching this. I literally created 100+ rules and this are not accounted for. I will fix this today.


On this page, at Debugging c++ section
the image not shows but I can view the image using this link

I’ll report more if i find another.


Thanks. I will look at this now too.


This is now fixed in this PR.


I am sorry you feel this way and we hate to lose developers to other engines. This was my mistake. I had so many old documentation systems to re-map to our new uniform documentation. It wasn’t an easy task and I simple forgot a few URLs. I apologize for the inconvenience.

However, I want to say, publicly, that if you are not happy with Cocos2d-x or Cocos Creator and we cannot fix your issues in a timeframe that works for you, please do what is best for your development needs. When your needs are met, I can follow up with you and let you know. Perhaps you will be in a place to come back to us. If not, it is our fault for letting you down. We have made mistakes with removing products that our users depended on. We try to always make the best decisions we can. We haven’t had a good track record in 2017. This is being worked on. Our entire staff has weekly meetings (I just got out of this weeks) and one area we always talk about is a smoother experience for our developers. Every meeting. We are working to improve. I can honestly say that our staff is focused on doing better. I can say that without “smoke and mirrors”.

If you have complaints, please let me know so I can work to pass them to the correct folks to get them addressed.

Please continue to write games with or without our tools. Please don’t stop creating interesting content because we failed your expectations. The world needs games as an art form. Personal expression is important and expressing through games is what we try to let you all accomplish.


Really? Can I also get an inspiring post because I feel the same way and I want a hug? :smile:

Since you ignore half of my requests (or you promise that you will look and … nothing), then maybe I’ll get at least an inspiring post. sigh


I don’t ignore as much as you think :slight_smile: I pass along everything I cannot answer. Just ask my co-workers how much I bug them!

We do need to get better at communicating this stuff. It is a resources issue. Often times the focus on development and products is a precision task for many of our engineers. They need to do the work and requests slip through.

If there is anything I dropped the ball on, even though I passed it along, please remind me and I will go talk to engineers to see what I can find for answers directly versus waiting for an answer back.

Come to Xiamen and I can give you a hug in person. -:slight_smile: If you like a beer or coffee or something I will buy.


I do not want to argue. I just do not think it’s productive. Maybe only if you want to…

Ha ha, nice answer. :smile:
How about you to save your money and spend it on the to replace the graphic resources in the Programmer’s Guide and /tests? My inner perfectionist can not look at it anymore.
Many designers will be happy to get their first contract, even if it is only about 10-20 dallar. You just need to choose someone who already has a quality work to show.


Replacing the art is something I can have put on a list of tasks. I don’t think it will be a high priority. But, can you tell me specifically art you don’t like so I can get a feel for what needs to be replaced?

Thank you for the suggestion.


Why? Is not the visual style important for the presentation of the product? And the engine is one of your products.

Um … all that art.
In any case, is not it better to replace everything to keep the uniform style?


Sure, it is and It might get done. For the next few weeks I have my tasks packed with finishing docs and creating a new Cocos Creator demo project for everyone.


Might be done or will be done?
Seriously, if you say “I like how it is now”, then I’ll just take it, but if you promise and will not keep your promise, … it is somewhat frustrating.


I don’t make these decisions. What my job role is, is to help users get things fixed (amongst a lot of other stuff).

I do my best, but the engineering schedule is not in my control. My schedule is also determined by my supervisor. I will mention in my task meeting today that users want the art work replaced in our docs and demo projects.