Cocos creator 3 web build + cordova, who are using?

Hi all, I am wondering if someone using cocos creator web build + Cordova build to make native build?
Cordova has a lot of convenient plugins what easily integrate into the game, so we decided to try to use the Cordova.
But now we face issues with performance. Our game runs very smoothly in web browser, but as .apk app on the phone it starts to lag a lot.
Anyone has some advices of using Cordova and Cocos Creator 3+ web build?

I can ask engineering.

We hardly ever use it. Cordova is a third-party tool, so we can’t make it any better. We suggest you use CocosCreator’s build and release interface to build mobile applications.

build from Cocos runs perfect, but the lack of plugins don’t allow us use it. In App Purchase and some other significant plugins