Cocos Creator 3 smooth rotation with Node.lookAt()

Hi all, I am wondering if Cocos have functional to provide smooth rotation for Node.lookAt() function?
I tried to do it by my own, but the solutions weren’t good, maybe someone can show code example of implementation?

I will ask engineering to have a look. Do you have a demo?

These are 2 videos:
First one I am using lookAt() function what instantly changes the rotation of cannon to the target:

Second, it is what I want to achieve (smooth rotation to the target):

As I said, my solution isn’t perfect (sometimes cannon instantly rotates to the target, or rotates by wrong direction) so I am looking for some example or method from Cocos.

Thank you.

You can calculate angle between cannon and cube,then use tween to rotation angle.

I thought about this, but if the enemy moves quickly, cannon will rotate to a belated angle.

If angle is large, you can set a short duration.