Cocos Creator 3.7.3 comes with an update to Cocos Effect

Cocos Creator 3.7.3 Release Notes

Download Cocos Creator 3.7.3 from the Cocos Dashboard.



● Custom Render Pipeline based on Render Graph supports for GLES backend

● Deprecated interfaces, such as addRasterView, addComputeView, etc., and added new interfaces, such as addRenderTarget、addDepthStencil, etc. Which are used for improving JS memory recycling.

● Custom Render Pipeline added support for Offscreen Window & RT Raster

● The renderer component now provides a clearer Material acquisition method and can clearly distinguish shared materials and material instances, and the getMaterial method is deprecated.

● Added advanced materials for character skin, hair, and eyes and optimized built-in lighting models.



● New version of Cocos Effect VSCode extension, supports built-in functions, macros, global variable syntax coloring, auto-completion, detailed prompts, syntax checking, etc. It can be installed by searching for ‘Cocos Effect’ in the VSCode extensions.


● Game supports fixed step updates

● Support for Taobao Mini Games

● [XR] Added HEADTRACKING & PASSTHROUGH to XR build template

● [XR] Support for EYE RENDER END callback


● Fixed frame rate settings issue for high-refresh devices on the Web and optimized the stability of FPS using RAF.

● Fixed animation switch issue when GPU INSTANCING is enabled for the material of SkinnedMeshRenderer.

● Fixed bone animation texture size error on some platforms that don’t support float point texture format.

● Fixed animation system error by saving incorrect material uniform binding.

● Fixed memory management issue of BakedSkinningModel on native platforms.

● Fixed UITransform size error caused by the lack of width & height information.

● Fixed memory leak of built-in physics module. (contributed by @May2nd)

● Fixed sampling error of GPU particles.

● Fixed sampling issue of particles when the ratio of Gradient is 1.

● Fixed the sorting issue of SpriteRenderer when using the sorting component.

● Fixed text loss issue for long strings of RichText.

● Fixed text scaling issue of BMFont when the gap is too small. (contributed by @May2nd

● Fixed remote bundles loading failed issue when running in GameView.

● Fixed error caused by removeSpotLight on native platforms.

● Fixed Planar Shadow not showing when GPU INSTANCING is enabled.

● Fixed Toon shader data issue on iOS Wechat.

● Fixed pre-backed AO calculation issue.

● Fixed the terrain as too dark, caused by the lighting calculation issue in the builtin-terrain material.

● Fixed darker convolution image issue for the reflection probe on the OPPO Mini Game platform.

● Fixed the issue of UBOWorldBound not being calculated in the UBO count.

● Add error tolerance when the passes of SubModel are inconsistent.

● Hid unnecessary WebGL error messages.

● Fixed the internal format issue of the GLES2 backend.

● Fixed WebGL2 not supporting clearBufferfv issue on Wechat Mini Game.

● Fixed potential focus loss issue when switching the input box on iOS.

● Fixed possible obstruction of an OK button when the keyboard pops up on iOS.

● Fixed not being able to get input content in time for an input box on Android.

● Fixed getting mismatched writable paths after setting it on Android.

● Fixed crash issue when exiting on Mac.

● Fixed error on macOS simulator when selecting “Open simulator with debugger” and “Simulator wait for debugger connection” in Cocos Creator → Preferences → Preview at the same time.

● Fixed crash issue caused by native.copyTextToClipboard() on iOS and Android.

● Fixed crash issue when Window ID is 0 on Android.

● Fixed the callback of WebAssembly.instantiate Promise not be called on native platforms.

● Fixed include issue when Custom Engine lacks the external directory.

● Removed macro Record defined by the engine to avoid conflicts.

● Fixed AtlasManager not being exposed in the API reference.

● [XR] Fixed camera position tracking issue in RotationOnly mode.

● [XR] Fixed UI not showing when directly entering AR mode.



● Support for manually inputting iOS developer accounts.


● Fixed PSD images could not be imported as SpriteFrame.

● Fixed the issue of failed compression after configuring Custom Compress Format for texture in the project protocol program

● Fixed the Add Component button not showing in the Inspector panel after exiting animation editing mode.

● Fixed some npm libraries not working due to the use of ‘use strict’ when building scripts.

● Fixed copying and pasting nodes would cause problems in some cases.

● Fixed the issue of snapping a rotated, scaled node would cause problems in the scene editor

● Fixed the possible incorrect cache data when editing materials.

● Fixed editor UI not refreshing when replacing environment maps.

● Fixed crash issue when baking high-precision Lightmap for the terrain.

● Fixed various issues when editing multiple selected nodes.

● Fixed other user experience issues.

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