Cocos Creator 3.7.2 Focuses On Optimized Rendering And Lighting Capabilities

Cocos Creator 3.7.2 was released last week. This version optimizes some rendering and lighting capabilities, fixes a series of key issues recently reported by users, and recommends that all v3.x users upgrade.


• Added DebugView at runtime UI control rendering debugging function. See the documentation “Render Debugging - Run Time Using Render debugging”:

• When the node animates, add the tween ‘destroySelf’ method to destroy the front nodal point.
• Skip rendering when the UI element Opacity is 0.
• Reduced GFX Buffer memory consumption for WeChat games in iOS 14 high-performance mode.


• Normalize & angle implementation of normalized math library.
• Fixed Byte Platform iPad screen display is not complete.
• Fixed an issue with Facebook instant games not starting.
• Fixed an issue where the update node sibilingIndex touch sort was not synchronized.
• Fixed Mat4.getRotation issue.
• Fixed Labelchar mode color anomaly on native platforms.
• Repair the internal leak of the 2D module.
• Fixed native side LOD screen share calculation using local coordinates, causing calculation error.
• Fixed an issue where Mesh objects created through MeshUtils.createMesh caused data anomalies.
• Fixed the issue where the semevalue _ to _ native conversion std:: function <… > does not support null/undefined.
• Fixed an issue where the setter for the Mesh:: _ hash attribute was not bound.


• Support baking high-precision lighting maps to get a better baking effect. When the user turns on high-precision lightmap baking, 16-bit colors are used instead of 8-bit colors, and AO channels are baked separately. This function can be used to solve the problem of color spots caused by insufficient mapping accuracy when the light intensity is too high. Still, the disadvantage is that it will increase the lightmap package.

Comparison of results in high light intensity (off vs. on):

• Added Light Probe Bake Preview feature. When the user selects the object affected by the light probe, the probe affecting the object will be displayed in the scene. The probe baking results used to estimate the illumination information of the object will be displayed on the probe ball so that the user can make better debugging.

• Supports separate AO channel for baking, which automatically opens when opening high-precision baking.

• Added a default open scene in the project settings to prevent other users from only seeing an empty scene when they first open the current project.
• The native platform supports main.js build templates.
• Added the ability for Hierarchy Manager to display a list of nodes that have lost resources.


• Supports bulk generation of Prefab child nodes for each selected node when dragging prefab to multiple selected nodes in the hierarchy panel.


• Move the Light Bake entry from the top item settings menu to the panel menu.
• New and standard-material will default to Surface Shader.
• Android Studio will run in the Release configuration if the build panel is insufficient to select the Debug option.
• Cleaned up the effect file structure built into the engine (without affecting existing projects). See the documentation “Built-in shaders”:
• Tooltip that supplements common material parameters.
• Optimize the experience of the Roaming Scene Editor scroll wheel/touchpad.
• Optimize the Extension Manager’s search function to now search for “Official Extensions,” “Built-in Extensions,” and “Installed Extensions” simultaneously.
• The Scene Editor supports selecting the next node with a single click when using the Rectangle Transform tool.
• Optimize the UI interaction for the Scene SkyboxEnvmap parameters.


• Fixed bundle script dependency on import-map that could not be reused across projects.
• Fixed an issue where the project script in the extension could not load in the emulator.
• Fixed bug with import plugin script exceeding 500KB.
• Fixed an issue where the auto-atlas texture compression configuration failed.
• Fixed an issue where the custom texture compression tool configuration was not valid.
• Fixed an issue where the engine module configuration might be restored after upgrading the project to 3.7.
• Fix the WeChat mini game platform custom first screen template file is invalid.
• Fixed a command-line build occasional resource loss issue.
• Fixed an issue where building JSON groups could cause a slow build.
• Fixed an issue where the main light source still acted on the terrain after baking.
• Fixed several preview and data update issues related to lighting and reflection probes.
• Fixed multiple firing of mouse and touch events and unrecognized left and right mouse buttons during editor preview.
• Fixed an issue where tween color was misreported when previewing editors.
• Fixed an issue where an error might be reported when exiting the editor preview.
• Fixed an issue where some properties in the Particle Curve panel did not show the negative axis.
• Fixed Animation Editor keyframe data not refreshed after creating or switching animation clips.
• Fixed the issue of using the animation editor after removing the 3D module.
• Fixed an issue where the scene preview state did not revert when exiting without saving the material in the edit.
• Fixed a data anomaly problem in pre-edit mode when deleting nodes with child nodes and then undoing them.
• Fixed a problem where the resetInEditor life periodic function of the component was not invoked.