Cocos Creator 3.7.1 Released

Cocos Creator 3.7.1 fixes many bugs that were found by the staff and developers when upgrading to 3.7. We appreciate your help and work to improve the engine.

We also have added a new demo project that will share many of the new upgrades that have come with 3.7 and previous updates. You can download it from the Cocos Store.

Developer Notes


  • Add more API docs (engine#13937, engine#14079, engine#14088)

  • [Optimize] add image asset’s zh i18n (engine#14108)

  • [Optimize] Add pointerlock function for mac platform (engine#14187)

  • [Pipeline] enable custom pipeline in the editor (engine#14084)

  • [Pipeline] add native pipeline ubo uploading (engine#14061)

  • [Pipeline] Fix web-pipeline ui in post-processing (engine#14145)

  • [Pipeline] Disable over-aligned memory allocation (engine#14164)

  • [Pipeline] Refactored web profiler and native framebuffer (engine#14168)

  • [Pipeline] Refactored custom-pipeline initialization (engine#14176)

  • [Pipeline] Fix memory leak of pipeline JS binding objects (engine#14190)

  • [Pipeline] Resource states & fgd signal split end barrier (engine#14207)

  • [Pipeline] Fixed transparent pass barrier issue. (engine#14218)

  • [XR] AR engine module update

  • Fix shadowmap lowp with huawei and reflection probe brightness (engine#14058)

  • Fix shader compilation error with the new version of lightmap (engine#14071)

  • Fix unsynchronized model data issue when adding lod levels dynamically (engine#14054)

  • Fix the issue that lod is not working properly when forced to use certain levels (engine#14055)

  • [Physics-2d] Fix box2d syncRotationToPhysics’s euler angle calculation issue (engine#14048)


  • Support direct lighting of Light Probe directional light

  • Open more Mesh surface reduction parameters in FBX import items to obtain better surface reduction effects

  • Fix the discarded gltfpack surface reduction algorithm in the model surface reduction configuration is invalid

  • Fixed the event editing panel of the animation editor to display abnormally

  • Fix the problem that the default image import type in Preferences (Preferences - AssetDB - Default import image type) fails after restart #14176

  • Fix the problem that the configuration of the Preferences - Program Manager may be invalid after upgrading to 3.7

  • Fixed the problem that some 3D physics backend configurations did not take effect in the editor preview

  • Fixed the problem of inaccurate scene clicking on Windows devices with DPI exceeding 2

  • Fixed the abnormal gizmo display caused by the camera FOV setting of the scene editor

  • Fix the problem that UI_2D may not be selected for a layer when creating a new Canvas node

  • Fix Lightmap spotlight rendering error

  • Fix the problem that the custom texture compression tool does not support the relative path of the project

  • Fix the problem that the result.settings obtained by the build plug-in is invalid

  • Fix the problem that when the application.ejs template is used for building, the build result has an extra application.ejs file