[Cocos Creator 3.7.1] crash on Samsung A12

When trying to run a game with Vulkan included as a renderer engine, the game crashes at start with errors:

E/Cocos: 13:58:21 [ERROR]: [ERROR] file /Applications/CocosCreator/Creator/3.7.1/CocosCreator.app/Contents/Resources/resources/3d/engine/native/cocos/renderer/gfx-vulkan/VKQueue.cpp: line 96 
E/Cocos: 13:58:21 [ERROR]: vkQueueSubmit(_gpuQueue->vkQueue, 1, &submitInfo, vkFence) returned Vulkan error: -2

Removing Vulkan as a renderer backend allows the game to start without the same issue.

I have seen a previous issues that was opened back in 2021:


  • Is this going to be fixed?
  • Is there a way to use Vulkan as a renderer on some devices but force openGL on others?
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  1. I tested on the existing test device (Samsung S10) and was not able to reproduce the flashing problem. Also, I’m sorry, we don’t have Samsung A12 device.
  2. You can check Vulkan and GLES 3 during build time, and compatibility adaptations will be made based on the device.
  1. This is a disappointing response from a developer of an engine that is striving to be used for commercial games globally and compete with industry standards like Unity. A12 is the best-selling device in 2021, should be supported, and can’t be ignored.
  2. The A12 supports Vulkan, so this solution won’t work. If Vulkan will be checked during build time it will crash the A12 and probably every other device with the same chipset.
    Is there a way for the engine to mark/flag A12 or its chipset as not supporting Vulkan?

Sorry about that, I reported this to the GFX team directly, we will solve it