Cocos Creator 3.6.2 Released

Release Notes

With Cocos Creator 3.6.2 , we are happy to add a beta version of the technology into the engine in hopes of getting some feedback from developers as we finalize it for a future release next year. This said, we also have some fantastic additions and bug fixes that will help those working already in 3.6 that we need to get out there to help the vast majority of our users.

Important Updates

  • Improved performance of Spine and DragonBones on native platforms #12788. Especially for Spine, performance gains of up to 40% or more on lower-end iOS devices. There are also significant performance gains on Android platform.



  • [Experimental Feature] On the Web-Desktop platform, we have added a future-oriented rendering backend based on wasm technology - WebGPU (Chromium 105). Based on WebGPU backend, we will gradually add advanced rendering features such as ComputeShader, which is important to improve the rendering capability of the Web platform. WebGPU details can be found at WebGPU


  • Removed USE BATCHING from the material options (please use USE INSTANCING)#12892
  • Spine and Dragonbones components support batch rendering #12847
  • Fixed errors when loading Spine files in binary format #12894
  • Fixed some bugs related to GPU Instancing#12786
  • New default skybox#12917
  • Fixed okhttp doesn’t call close in onClosing on Android #12783
  • Fixed an issue that downloading resources will fail when url request doesn’t encode space #12826
  • Properties of color type support FLOAT3 in Cocos Effect #12962
  • Fixed the problem of setting special fonts (such as OpenSans-BoldItalic) on some native platforms #13048
  • Fixed the drawing errors caused by type errors in Graphics component#13037


  • Fixed the issue that the Visibility property of the Camera component does not load user-defined Layers in the Inspector

  • Bundle names only support numbers, letters, underscores and minus

  • Fixed the problem that copy and paste camera nodes will report errors

  • Fixed the problem of switching from animation mode to prefab mode will cuase prefab data error #12752

  • Fixed the orthogonal view display error in scene editor

  • Fixed the problem that the properties in the script component cannot be saved properly when they refer to the children nodes of prefab

  • Fixed the problem that the resolution of the small preview window of selected camera is not consistent with the settings when paused in Preview in Editor mode

Known Issues

  • When using semi-transparent images in the WebGPU backend, the color could be pre-multiplied by transparent channel and causing rendering artifacts, it can be solved temporarily by adjusting the blend mode in the material.

  • The CopyTextureToBuffers interface is not currently supported on the WebGPU backend.