Cocos Creator 3.3.1 released!

Cocos Creator 3.3.1 released!

Bugs fixed


  • Optimize the display of the physical laboratory options on the WeChat byte panel. When creating a new WeChat build task, the Wasm physics system will be enabled by default. After it is turned on, it will override the physical backend selection set by the project

  • Fix several animation editor operation problems, including:

    • Some types of animations are not correctly interpolated
    • The curve data is not copied when copying the track
    • Cannot continuously operate the selected keyframe attribute track
    • Wrong position of adding keyframe when scroll bar exists
    • After selecting multiple keyframes, clicking on the keyframe moves abnormally
    • Fix the failure of pasting keyframe data across nodes and attributes
  • Fixed and improved particle curve related controls: including the Bursts property cannot be added normally, the curve containing the Constant mode is displayed abnormally, the display of Two Curve is optimized, and the curve is displayed incorrectly after removing the keyframe.

  • Fixed the problem that joint-texture-layout is invalid when building on the command line (it will cause loading failure at runtime)

  • Fix the problem that the FileId of Component in the created object is the same

  • Fix that when the auto atlas and renderTexture resources are in the same folder, they cannot be previewed and built normally

  • Customized engine settings are stored according to the editor version

  • Fixed the problem that the script in Prefab was not updated in time after modification

  • Fix the problem of creating ui node in Prefab edit mode

  • Fix the problem that the resource is deleted when editing the Prefab resource, and the save will not be automatically transferred to save at this time

  • Fix the issue of select all and copy functions related to the root node on Hierarchy

  • Fixed an issue where Hierarchy called the db interface and reported an error when switching scenes

  • Fixed the problem that the file name of the custom script template cannot be a pure number

  • Fixed the issue of db reporting errors when deleting assets in batches in the assets panel

  • Support the mechanism to filter the suffix of the input name when creating a new resource in the assets panel

  • Fix the problem that the resource that failed to import will report an error every time the focus returns to the editor

  • Fix the problem that the old private node in the scene will cause a warning

  • Fix the problem that the scene resource upgrade will add a blank line at the end


  • Fix the problem of decreased performance of particle system instantiation Link to Chinese Forum post
  • Fixed iOS 14 Web platform performance issues
  • Optimize the Shadow Culling algorithm. After the upgrade, you need to use resolution and distance to adjust the shadow quality
  • Fix calculation errors on the shadow of the spotlight
  • Shadow bias is changed to use world space units, which will be more intuitive to adjust
  • Fix the crash problem in Android 11 API Level 30 environment
  • Fixed the issue that AnimationClip.createWithSpriteFrames failed to dynamically create animation
  • Fix inverseTransformPoint function error
  • Fix widget’s monitoring of target anchor changes
  • Fixed the issue that the Editbox backgroundImage property was not synchronized when modifying SpriteFrame
  • Rollback the deprecation of the EventKeyboard.isPressed property
  • Fix the problem that the node scale cannot be set in the button’s scale mode and the problem of infinite zoom

Known issues

  • In the v3.3.1 version, the running program of the android platform built by the NetEase Easy Shield plug-in of the service panel will crash when it is opened (on Windows, MacOS, and Apple Silicon (M1) computers)


Dashboard for MacOS

Dashboard for Windows

Download Creator from Dashboard

If you are not using Cocos Dashboard please upgrade! It is worth it.

Cocos Dashboard

The Cocos Dashboard serves as a unified downloader and launch portal for Cocos Creator and Cocos Creator 3D engines. Everyone can upgrade and manage multiple versions of Cocos Creator. In addition, unified project management and a creation panel is integrated, which is convenient for everyone to develop projects with different versions of engines at the same time.

Manage projects developed under different versions:

Developers can choose to use a different version of Cocos Creator when creating a new project:

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