Cocos Creator 3.3.1 a lot of issues with prefabs

Hi all, I spend a whole day of debugging prefabs. I cased a lot of bugs with them. Here is one of issue I faced:
I don’t know why, property updates in editor, but in game it stays the same as prefab’s default value…
Here is the video:

As you can see, console in setter shows property changed, but log in the game shows another value (the value what I set in prefab)


I change type, move from scene and return… type again high…

I am using 3.3.1 version

Here is another one, please check prefabs system, these aren’t all issues I faced, most of them I am not recorded, just skipped and did without prefabs. I very like Cocos Engine, but such bugs just not allow me to create the project.

I switched to the 3.3.2 version. These issues are there also

I created test project with steps how to make prefab bugs:

  • Copy and Paste Prefab bug: Duplicate keys detected: ‘KEY’. This may cause an update error.
  1. Open Scene “Copy Paste”
  2. You See there is Prefab y name “Test”
  3. Copy and paste this prefab 10 times:
  4. Go to prefab edit, save and return to the scene, you see copied and pasted prefabs stuck and error in console
  • Copy and Paste Prefab bug 2: Copied prefab disappears after scene change.
  1. Open Scene “Copy Paste 2”
  2. You See there are two nodes by name “Test 2” one of them have “Test 3”
  3. Copy and paste “Test 3” to the second “Test 2” :

    You can see plus icon isn’t appeared in this case…
  4. Go to prefab edit, save and return to the scene, you see copied, and pasted node disappears:
  • Create nodes in edit mode
    Someone can say. Why to create nodes in edit mode, but in my opinion it is cool feature for generating random field, levels and something you can then customize in editor.
  1. Open Scene “Create in edit mode”
  2. Open any prefab to edit.
  3. Save and return to scene, you see nodes stuck and editor not respond:


Thank you.

Duplicate keys detected: ‘KEY’. This may cause an update error.,
This issue should be a bug in the current version (3.3.x), which can be reproduced. However, I tested with the upcoming 3.4.0 release and this issue does not appear anymore.

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I also downloaded the demo and tried it in 3.4.0 (beta version) and no more errors were reported.

This problem is related to prefabricated body data saving, and should not be related to the use of your script.

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ok, thanks for testing. In this case waiting 3.4.0 release