Cocos Creator 3.2.1 Crash

Suddenly i cannot use Cocos Creator 3.2.1 anymore…
I did try to delete the engine and re-isntall but the bug is still popping out.


Any idea?

Is there anything listed in the Event Viewer? What version of Windows are you using?

Sorry, any 3.2.1. projects.

I am using windows 10.
I don’t reach the event viewer, this happens as soon as i launch any project from cocos dashboard.

Sure. But you can go check the event viewer after or have it open beforehand and see what errors are thrown

I did not understand that you mean Windows Event Viewer…
Anyway there is nothing there.

I would suspect there is something there. It logs everything.

As i wrote there is no error there, i don’t know what to say…

I’ll ask engineering if they have any ideas from the image that you posted.

It works if i launch the editor directly with admin permissions…
I am trying to uninstall the cocos dashboard and intall it back again.

Even with a fresh install of cocos dashboard it works.
I did try to launch it with admin permission but no luck.

Hello, you can try to delete the contents of the .CocosCreator and .Cocos folders on the system disk, and then restart the editor and DashBoard.

That’s did not fix the bug.

Hi, can you run CocosDashboard.exe using the CMD console program so that we can see its detailed error reporting.

Yes of course!

Unfortunately this is everything i got…


(node:14548) [DEP0106] DeprecationWarning: crypto.createDecipher is deprecated.
apply update...
Source: Cocos
check update...
check update: builtin
There is no update...
launchOptions [ '--project', 'C:\\Users\\Johnny\\NewProject' ]

Thanks, does opening CocosCreator 3.2.1 in CocosDashboard via CMD output an error log?