Cocos Creator 3.0 Preview is released!

The stack maybe missing one stack call symbol, it hard to know what happened, can you provide a project to test this issue?

@huanxinyin It is simply your example of hot updates, but my server is in an idle state

You can refer to the documentation for details.

I I tried with directory “build-templates/native” but it doesn’t work

Will Cocos creator 3.0 support publishing to the Facebook Instant Games in the future?


@quoctrong98 please read a few posts up. FBIG is removed in v3…scroll up


Sorry, I mean in the future, in other versions.

Any future plans for adding Facebook instant games to pipeline again. As we are using cocos from long time. So, please make a way for it. :thinking: :unamused:


There are no current plans to add FBIG back.

i Agree , A lot of users used Cocos only for the good support of FBIG , removing exporting to this platform is crucial .


yep, me too

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It’s not that difficult to adapt web-mobile to FBIG, you can still use Custom Build Template to quickly launch a web game in FBIG.


Hi guys! can you make 3d as optional module, as was in previous version of Cocos Creator, it really need for developers who use Cocos Creator for only 2d games, and it ( 3d with shadows, light and another rendering features) not necessary for theirs games!
Thank you for your work!

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Yes, we will add 3d as an optional module in 3.0 GA.

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Hi, guys. Very cool update. Some features have been waiting a long time. But there is a question. Cocos is often used to development playable ads. Will this add a build single html?


@MrZak-dev Sorry, we will fix this problem in the 3.0 official version.

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@KulikMaxim Sorry, currently there is no such plan.

Hi there! I can’t install via Dashboard 1.0.9 (Failed on MacOS)

and can’t download latest dashboard from here -

How can i fix this?

I’m looking into this and the team has been notified. I’ll update as soon as I can.

For now you can use this URL