Cocos Creator 2 - Blend Modes

In Spine using an image like this:

You can set the image to “Additive”

and this way remove the black parts of the JPG and making it transparent:

What is the equivalent setup for blending modes (Srd Blend Factor and Dst Blend Factor) in Cocos Creator 2 to make this happen?

I’ve tried to play around with it and layering images to blend them, but without succeeding.

Could someone assist?

Try this option, i think this is the one.
Src blend factor: SRC_ALPHA
Dst blend factor: ONE

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Thank you! :heart:
That works exactly as I wanted! I knew I did this before, but could not figure out again the combination :sweat_smile:!

how? i cant find any blending factor around the Ui

Hi, if you are using cocos creator 3.x, the blend factor is in the Material asset