Cocos Creator 2.4.2 AudioEngine crash on iOS after closing the app

When I try to force close the application on iOS while some audio is playing in the app I get the following error:

Hi, can you provide a demo that reproduces the problem?

Here is a demo project: (248.3 KB)
Try running it in Xcode with debugger attached then force close the application. Debugger should catch an error similar to the one I described above.
On iPhone 6 iOS 12 it just silently closes. While I cannot confirm it right now, I think on iPhone 7 iOS 14 it displays a crash message right after the application was closed.

Have you checked demo project?

Sorry , we tried the test demo on iOS 13 ,but didn’t see the crash
is that crash only appears on iOS 14 ?

We tested it on iOS 12. While it doesn’t display a crash message after the application is closed, attached debugger catches and pauses on an exception. And on iOS 14 it displays a crash message, although I cannot verify this right now.

Sorry, we tested it on iOS 14.2, but still not see the crash call stack
my xcode is 12.2 beta 3, I think it’s the newest one for now