Cocos Creator 1.9 unofficial Linux release and Docker image

I have rebuilt Cocos Creator 1.9 for linux. You can download from here.
Also released the docker image which is built using
An example usage of docker image if you are using gitlab CI.

  - build
  stage: build
    - sh /opt/ --path . --build "platform=web-mobile"
    # upload build to s3
    - aws s3 sync ./build/web-mobile s3://$AWS_BUCKET/testing/$CI_COMMIT_SHA
    - kubernetes
    - build/web-mobile

Cool Thanks for doing this.

Thanks! It’s especially helpful!

Met an error:

[13253] Initializing project /home/mewx/.../project
[13253] Loading packages
[13253] Watching packages
[13253] Run Application
[13253] preview server running at http://localhost:7456
init QuickCompiler: 107.330ms
no valid user ID
[13253] Error: Window "main" crashed: [object Object]
    at WebContents.Window.nativeWin.webContents.on.e (/home/mewx/.../cocos-creator/resources/app.asar/editor-framework/lib/main/window.js:1:2853)
    at emitTwo (events.js:106:13)
    at WebContents.emit (events.js:194:7)

Could you make cocos creator 1.9.3 image and share? Or you can share with me how to build. thanks so much

hello everyone, I want to ask anyone can use image>>sercand/cocos-creator:1.9.0-web ?
when I pull sercand/cocos-creator:1.9.0-web and use command: docker run -ti XXXX bash,
system return

WARNING: Missing translation for key: “MAIN_MENU.account.none”
WARNING: Missing translation for key: “MAIN_MENU.account.logged_user”
WARNING: Missing translation for key: “MAIN_MENU.account.logout”
WARNING: Missing translation for key: “MAIN_MENU.account.none”
[8] Load ~/.CocosCreator/settings.json
[8] checking language setting…

then it didn’t respond…who can help me!!! plz!!! Thx

Can you share your step of building? So we can build new releases ourselves when we needed.
Current stable version is 2.1.1

+1 to this. Would love to get the latest build

I’ve set up a Git repo containing all the tools necessary for porting Cocos Creator to Linux.

I have a working 1.9.0 and 2.0.9 zipped Linux x64 versions.

Here’s the repo link:

I was working on porting over 2.1.1 but ran into issues finding the correct Linux binary versions for the texture converter and importer tools.

I encourage you to take a look at the project repo. Then, ping me if you have any questions.


I’ll try out your repo later this week.