Cocos Creator 1.7.0 released!

Cocos Creator 1.7.0 released!


I’m using /Users/yongsheng.lim/NewProject as path and it is on Mac


so actually I can’t use yongsheng.lim @@


it looks that way. Let me ask Engineering to confirm.

Update: I tried and it failed for me. I asked the engineering team and they did verify that you cannot use a . in a path. This is actually a limitation in Android Studio.


Was this answer for me?

So I should create a new project with CC 1.7 to get all the benefits?
It is not enough to install CC 1.7 and run a CC project that is created with v1.6.2 of CC?


I don’t know how Creator handles upgrading projects between versions. Let me ask Engineering to provide thoughts.

Update: OK, so the project itself doesn’t change. You get the benefits at compile time because it is meta files that are updated and there is where the magic happens. No need to ever create a new project to gain the new versions improvements.


Perfect! Thank you, well made editor update! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update and hard work. It’s much appreciated.


Hello World!
Can i somehow use Cocos Creator as UI editor for cocos2dx (c++) and how?
How to export and use them in c++ project?
And how to export whole project to c++ cocos2dx?


Indeed you can:


At cocos creator 1.7 can i use sdkbox?
I tried it, but I got compile error jsapi.h not found.


I see that documentation is also improved.
But if I would like to give feedback to the documentation I see there is a button on bottom right,
but if I clicking on it nothing happens.

For example I’ve found a little mistake here:
(assets togather in a separate folder --> assets together …)

and an important consideration about tiled integration.
Currently Cocos does not support multiple tileset, just one single tileset! And this is very important to say.

Thank you for your great work!


Cool, but is there an easy way to know which modules aren’t used?


I just realized that the CocosCreator ‘cc’ module is a reference to:



Hello! I want to release the game on Сocos Creator, and sell it to Google Play and iTunes. How much does a license cost?


There isnt a license fee for Cocos Creator. Just your Play Store developer fee.


Ok, thanks for the answer!


Do exercises
All is well, until the creation of the “GetNewStarPsychion()” function in the script “Game”.
this.node.width (and this.node.height) == 0
The star on the X axis is always in one position

P.S. Sorry if I’m writing in the wrong section. I do not know English, I’m writing through an interpreter.


This works for me in Chrome and Safari.


Will CocosCreator remain free in the future?


it’s possible that they could revoke the open license in the future -

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated engine source code (the “Software”), a limited,
worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable, revocable and non-exclusive license
to use Cocos Creator solely to develop games on your target platforms.