Cocos Creator 1.5 beta 5.1

Cocos Creator 1.5 beta 5.1
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Updated link:


Thanks! They used to ask for beta testing here too, but they don’t do it anymore.


now they focus on Chinese market only :slight_smile:


I think the rest of the developers deserve some attention, too. :slight_smile:


Cocos Creator v1.5.0-beta.5.1 is available.




Sorry for this. I should set up some rule to sync the Chinese version publish to this global forum.


Thanks in advance! But until then I will try to keep this forum up to date with the latest beta versions. :slight_smile:


Hi, is anybody able to create a new project in Cocos Creator 1.5 beta 5.1 and make the physics works?

I can see many new components but they refuse to work. The weird thing is that the example provided here ( ) all works well in the Creator.

When I compare my newly created project to the physics-example project, i can see many difference, the engine is not the same for example.

Can somebody help me with this, any succes making a project from scratch with the physics that works in the Creator?

thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


That would be fantastic. Thanks!


You’re probably missing the physics-settings directory with the manager enabled.


Thanks @phero_constructs ! I did what you said, I simply copied the physics-settings.js file anywhere in my asset folder and physics started to work automatically as soon as the project refreshed in the browser.

Many thanks! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Anyone got this error on Scheduler’s schedule? I’m on 1.5.0 beta.5.1


I’m so glad to hear that cocos creator now has PHYSICS , GREAT WORK!!!
When is release date of cocos creator 1.5???


The last I heard was mid May. So, 5 days ago. I guess it will be released soon.


[Newbie Question]
Hey guys, not sure if here is the right place to bring this up,

I Just installed Cocos Creator, and it prompted me to install VS2017 as well, but when I try building and compiling my first Hello World project, there is no VS2017 option (Only VS2015 and 2013). Is there a fix for this?