Cocos creator 1.4 TileMap bug

Cocos creator 1.4 TileMap bug
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Hey guys, just updated to 1.4

I see TiledMap component works with some strange smoothing, I see empty space between textures. With previous Cocos Creator it was fine

Also Sprite rendering with Sprite type Tiled looks broken. When Sprite size is bigger then some square it stops rendering. Also I can’t use two Sprites with Tiled type


Cocos Creator v1.4 released!

Guys TiledMap component is buggy in Cocos Creator 1.4. Any ideas how to fix it?


Hi @OcosDeveloper

I’m having a similar situation, in which I have a tilemap tmx, and it doesn’t show / render in my game, the rest of the sprites do render, but not the tmx tilemap. Also, when I build to android apk, it builds fine using default template and when i test on my Google Nexus 7, it install ok, but all I get is a black screen… So, I don’t know if it’s the programming part, or a memory leak, or something to do with the engine itself…Hopefully, this can be fixed…God Bless…




Thank you!

I have found several bugs in latest CC 1.4, and in two weeks I get to feedback from developers
It looks dead to me
So right now I’m moving to PIXIJS + Electron (node.js) for desktop version
and Tiled editor


Hi @OcosDeveloper

Wow…:pensive: Sorry to hear that your leaving and moving on to another framework / engine…Good luck and God Bless…




This may not be applicable to ALL problems with tilemaps in 1.4, but I solved the issues I was having by building a new project in 1.4, creating a new tilemap node in a new scene, and importing my scripts/ graphics etc.

After I upgraded to 1.4, I opened my project and had problems with the tilemaps. My problems were z-order related (sprites not showing on top of map), collision, and lines between tiles. I eventually opened an “Examples” project that I had created with a previous version (not sure if it was 1.2 or 1.3) and opened the tilemap example. It had some of the same problems.

I next created an examples project with 1.4, and the problems were gone. So I came to the conclusion that something changed with tilemaps in the 1.4 engine, and corresponding changes were made in the 1.4 editor so that the assets automatically created would be compatible with the new engine.

I haven’t taken the time to go look at the changes on Github, but it seems that tilemap nodes created with 1.4 don’t have the problems.


Hi @VegaKH

Thanks for the info and help, I will try again to implement my tmx map from scratch……Thanks again and God Bless…