Cocos Creator 1.3.2 released!

Cocos Creator 1.3.2 released!



wow thats great! :slight_smile: love the highlight features, btw where i can find the dragonbones sample?


Download dragonbones program, get their example (just open program and you will see it) then using in cocos creator as spine.


thanks :slight_smile: , is that the project which support touch button for mobile?


Can we have customized theme option for the editor? Something like Dark Theme.
TBH, current theme looks a bit boring to me. Unity’s premium editor(or even free edition) is really amazing. Also, buildbox editor’s dark theme is also damn good.
It feels like working more and more on the editor :stuck_out_tongue:

Plz consider it in some version.


After reporting it 3 times, API reference menu now opens the correct version! You made my day :smiley:

More seriously, thanks for this new release, I’m glad to see custom TTF font support on RichText component.

Well done!


There are still some docs that need to be updated. The work is done. Just integrating it into automatic deployment. I have a script but it isn’t very intuitive.


Thanks! I just started using it for some test, maybe to develop some web games :slight_smile: (I come from the C++ version). If I may, there is a little useful feature missing into the script editor…the ‘Cut’ option from the ‘Edit’ menu. Btw this is a great tool I’ll try to use for incoming projects :thumbsup:


Looks like below features aren’t supported. Can you plz forward the below suggestions to the cocos creator’s developer team? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, if possible, this one also


Hello, love the DragonBones feature, very well implemented.

One thing I’m curious about is importing animation events from DragonBones into Cocos. Like, I can catch the generic animation events dispatched by the DragonBones anim itself (such as LOOP_COMPLETE, START, etc.), but I have yet to figure out how to catch a custom event that I created in DragonBones itself. After importing it into Cocos and using it with Javascript, it seems like the events disappear…then again I have no way of knowing if they’re actually still in there or not. Is this implemented? If so, does anyone know how to proceed? Thanks in advance.

Great update, keep up the good work!


When physics support would be added to cocos creator, can we be able to add physics bodies to DragonBones animation objects? (Animation and physics at the same time on characters).

I looked at many places, people had to write their joints and mechanics for keeping in synch the animation and the physics movements. I don’t know how to do it from cocos2d-x, so probably, shift to cocos creator for that game of mine if it would be supporting.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think Physics is still around 4-5 months away but I am not current on it. There was a roadmap posted in the sticky Creator thread.


Right now, I’m working on my other game… Accordingly, I’ll decide. I am fine with waiting 4-5 months if the feature of DragonBones + “Physics on animations” is there in the roadmap.

I was looking at this roadmap which is yet to be updated.

I looked Trello, Physics integration is mentioned but it doesn’ describe whether it has support for that feature.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Layout does not show the options. Is it a bug?


Can you test in v1.3.3?



The bug is gone with ver 1.3.3. Thanks!


Is this 1.3.3 stable version or still in beta?


It is stable, being released tomorrow.


@slackmoehrle thank you, I’m gonna try it now