Cocos Creator 1.2 released!

Cocos Creator 1.2 released!
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Still no c++ scripting ? (( When ? :unamused:


What kind of bugs are you experiencing?


It has been reimplemented in v1.2, maybe our guy forgot to mention in the changelog, I will check that


Problem! when i editing animation with scripting and saving script so Cocos Creator not response, i can’t do anything after that


To be exact, in Cocos Creator 1.2, is it possible to add an animated sprite which was created with another texture (than the map layers), to tile layer in such a way, that it will be automatically sorted on Z axis, according to its position on Y axis? I am asking because I have tried to do it with no success. Do I need an additional script to be able to do the sorting?


Unfortunately, we haven’t got time to refactor the native Tilemap implementation yet. In the web version, it’s supported, you can add a sprite with different texture.

Theoretically, the sprite can be positioned dynamically, but it’s not automatically based on the y position. However there is still no public API, we will add this feature and some more demo in the future version

Cocos Creator RoadMap - UPDATED thru 11/2016

OK then, I will wait. In that case can you more or less determine, when the public API will be updated? Thanks for reply.


is there any info about c++ support for cocos creator? Needed very much


I will try my best to put them in v1.3, in the worst case, it will be in v1.4

Cocos Creator RoadMap - UPDATED thru 11/2016

Can u tell us when v1.3 and v1.4 will be released??


v1.3 will probably be ready in September


Awesome, thanks!
Do you know if it will have SDKBOX integration?


Is there any plan to import 3D to cocos creator??