Cocos Creator 1.10.3 Community Edition! (20190121)

Cocos Creator 1.10.3 Community Edition!

Please be sure to back up your own projects when using the community version!
Please reply here for all community-related questions. Do not post separately.

Do I need to change to this version?

This version is only for v1.10 users. v2.x users do not use this build.

What is a Community Edition?

The Community Edition is only supported with minimal effort, so it’s called the Community Edition to distinguish this.

Why has 2.1 been released, but updates are continuing for 1.10?

Because there are still some users who are temporarily unable to upgrade to the latest version of Cocos Creator due to project needs, the old version has some problems that have a great impact on the experience. If human resources allow, we will try to release the community version until each version is stable. But the old version will not be maintained forever. When the gap with the latest version is large, we will stop maintenance.

Are Community Edition fixes included in v2.0?

Yes, applicable bug fixes to the Community Edition are also fixed in v2.x

Is the Community Edition stable?

Changes to the Community Edition will only be made if absolutely necessary. Theoretically, this means we should not be introducing any new bugs. However, introducing new bugs could be possible because the community version is not verified by the test team. Therefore, it is not recommended to upgrade to the community version if it is not necessary.

Is this the final version of 1.10.3?

No, if necessary, we will continue to post new versions in this post, but the version number will stay at 1.10.3. Builds are only distinguishable by date.

Download links


Windows version | Mac version


  • Improve control of the collapse state of the hierarchy manager node


Windows version | Mac version


  • Fixed automatic atlas forceSqared invalidation
  • Fixed the wrong position of the selection box of the Chinese node in the hierarchy manager Read this post for details


  • Fixed an issue with “Update XCode Version please” when building on Xcode10 [PR]

We feel that good quality is inseparable from careful polishing. Thank you to all of our developers for their feedback through the community, GitHub, Cocos technical services and other channels. Please refer to this post for related questions!