Cocos Creator 1.10.1

Cocos Creator 1.10.1 released!

Cocos Creator 1.10.1 has been released.

The following is a list of changes to 1.10.1:

v1.10.1 is a bug fix for the recently released v1.10.0. It is recommended that all v1.10 users update to this version. This version is not an alternative to v2.0, v2.0 is still the current version, and new projects are still recommended to use v2.0. As the last major version before v2.0, we will try our best to maintain stability until we can support users who are temporarily unable to upgrade to v2.0. \

Good quality is important to us. Thank you very much for the feedback from developers through the forum, GitHub, Cocos technical services and other channels. Let us look forward to the upcoming 2.0.1!


  • Fix WeChat sub-package related issues
  • Fix project.js may be empty after the project is built
  • Fix QQ play a build report bkgame related error
  • When the repair project contains a large number of broken images, saving the preview when refreshing the preview or previewing will cause the editor to jam.
  • WeChat developer tool error when fixing the build panel without checking “Source Maps”
  • Fix an issue where vConsole does not display after enabling MD5Cache
  • Fixed an issue where the .app program could not be selected within the mac platform preferences
  • Added button for new clip on animation editor
  • Level manager details are perfect
  • Fix audioEngine’s isLoop always returns false
  • Fixed an issue where the Text component was offset when the Label component was using TTF fonts
  • Improve the text display of the EditBox under QQ Play
  • Fix Android video playback related issues


Windows and Mac

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cc.loader.loadRes(audio_clip._audio, cc.AudioClip);

are not preloading audio. “cc.audioEngine.preload(audio_clip);” was working in Cocos Creator 1.9.3

I couldn’t find a proper way to preload audio defined with cc.AudioSource component.