Cocos Creator 1.10.0 is slow like hell

Cocos Creator 1.10.0 is slow like hell



I’ve just installed the latest version of CC and my latest game runs very laggy in the simulator, while it runs well in browser.

I have about 100 cc.instantiate generated buttons on a scrollview, and scrolling up-down is very laggy.

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@PZsolt27 are there any console messages?


No messages. It worked fine in 1.9.2.


@jare can you help?


I did more test concerning this topic. When the mouse is pressed on the scrollview and I move the content (in this case up-down), the FPS drops to 20-30, when I release the mouse button and the content is still moving (using the physics behaviour of the scrollview), the FPS jumps back to 60.

So, it lags when the mouse button is pressed. I hope this helps.


Thanks. This is helpful.


This issue does not exist in Cocos Creator 2.0.

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