Cocos Creator 1.0.3 released!

Cocos Creator 1.0.3 released!
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I will be soo happy if they decide port it to linux. :smile:

I always wanted to know, why linux never get any cocos tools version!?


I don’t know that we have any significant developer base that uses Linux.


But people keep asking :wink:


Sure, perhaps 12 people out of the 27,000 registered on these forums. Our engineering team is aware that a Linux version has been requested.


Will there be a way to install it in another place rather than C:…\AppData folder?


I tried installing on Windows, and after zero feedback on and a long delay, it outright failed.

The log showed a failure to install in the Atom folder? It appeared to be trying to nuke the Atom folder under AppData. I use Atom and have no desire for another installer to wipe my Atom install or settings.

Also, I second the notion that we should be able to say where the app installs.

I’d love to try Cocos Creator 1.0.3, since 1.0.1 was far too flaky when I tried it; I’m hoping 1.0.3 is more stable. But I can’t even install it, and there is no obvious way to do a manual install, so I’m rather bummed.


@nantas2 @pandamicro, can you take a look at this.



Cocos Creator is open source project? or your private product.
If it’s open source, I can help you make it works on ubuntu.


We do not support Linux and it is not completely open-source.