Cocos Creator 1.0.3 released!

Cocos Creator 1.0.3 released!

Cocos Creator 1.0.3 released!

We are excited to release version 1.0.3 of Cocos Creator. Cocos Creator is a new, unified, development tool that handles every step in the game development process.

v1.0.3 Release Notes:

  • [Windows] Fixed user script compilation may fail issue.
  • [Windows] Fixed an issue that cause scene creation and saving failed due to the upper case of volume name ( such as C:)
  • [Layout] Fixed a repeating error when layout container has negative size value, now layout with negative size will report a warning and reset size to 0.
  • [Layout] Fixed adding layout component to a node will reset node size issue.
  • [EditBox] Add begin and end callback for JSB runtime.
  • [Component] Add cc.MotionStreak component for easy trailing effect. You can find it in Components/Other components/MotionStreak
  • [ScrollView] Fixed web canvas render reactivated ScrollView node will have wrong content position issue.
  • [ScrollView] Fixed changing node scale will make ScrollView scrolling display error issue.
  • [Button] When replace target sprite’s spriteFrame, normal spriteFrame will be updated as well if Sprite transition is currently selected.



Demo Projects

The most important source of examples is the Example Collection project template. There are also many demos to show a complete game:

  • Dark Slash basic game loop demo. Special thanks to Veewo Games for authorizing us to use original ‘Dark Slash’ game resources to make this tutorial.

  • UI Demos including multi-resolution supporting menu interface with cool transition animations, a backpack generated by data and prefab and a Clash Royale style navigation menu showcase.
  • Blackjack demo, collaboratively developed with Tencent Games.
  • Flappy Bird clone featuring a sheep.
  • Star Catcher demo game, in user manual we have a quick start tutorial showing how to build this game step by step.

We will keep on adding more demos and complete games as well as improving the existing ones!

Awesome! Could you please tell me when expect PageView support? thanks!

This version still meet the “Creating native project” issue when we build the project.

Version 1.0.3 still have the signing issue on Mac OS X (message saying that program is damaged)


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@cocosdan Thanks. I know we were looking into this. I’ll ask the team.

When I launch it on OS X, it says:

“” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I did not have this problem with 1.0.2. I’m on OS X 10.9.5.

I tried removing it and downloading it again, but got the same result.

I don’t think the download is finishing.

I downloaded it twice today and it worked both times.

OS X 10.11.4 (15E65) installed w/o problems (1.0.2 and 1.0.3)

Google Chrome won’t give it a final name until it’s fully downloaded. Also the .dmg opened fine. Only the app is not working.

What version of OS X are you on? 'm on 10.9 and @deadsquirrel chimed in with his version (10.11).

I am on 10.11.4

Will CocosCreator have ubuntu/linux version ?
I use ubuntu. :smiley:

As stated in every other Cocos Creator announcement.

At this time, there is no Linux version in the works. Perhaps this will change. If it does, we will let you know :smile:

Thank you :smiley:

I talked with the Creator development team and PageView is delayed, for right now.

For those of you who are having trouble on Mac saying “ is damaged and can’t be opened.” There is a work around for this. Open the terminal and copy/paste this in:

alias cc='/Applications/ &'

then type cc and hit enter to open CocosCreator.

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Thanks for the workaround. Do you know what changed in 1.0.3 to cause this? Just curious.

Not exactly sure, no.

When I click project->build->platform, there is no iOS platform available (android, windows, web are there). am I missing anything?

will sdkbox work smoothly with project created by cocos creator? Thanks